How To Get Your Hair Festival Ready

‘Tis the season to go raging at Coachella! It is almost summer which means that it is almost the season of concerts, festivals, and parties. This blog has a bit of a different vibe, but it’s still about being a free spirit and showing it through your festival hair! Everyone knows that getting your hair and wardrobe ready for festivals is part of the fun of going. It’s a way to express yourself by dressing or doing your hair in ways that you may not ever get to do in your everyday life. That’s why the festival look is so important, it’s a chance to show off your real colors. Now speaking of colors, let’s get to some hairstyles to help you get festival ready! … Honestly though that sentence was so corny.

The Braids: braids are great for festivals and concerts for a good reason: they keep your hair from getting tangled. If you are going to be camping out at a three day festival, you don’t want to worry about trying to get your hair looking all cute in the nearest public bathroom. Doing your hair with some tight Dutch braids the day before going is an easy way to keep your hair looking nice despite all the dancing.

Dutch braids are super common at festivals but if a full head of braids isn’t your type, you could always do a few small braids mixed in with your hail while it is down or  even up in a bun or ponytail. Your hair won’t be kept safe from all the head banging but it will still look super cute.

To spice up your hair even more, add some color to the braids either before or after braiding them.

Color: Having colorful hair is a big part of the festival look, the problem with this though is that not everyone can actually color their hair for a festival because of work. That’s where temporary color comes into play. In the dye industry, we have moved past temporary hair colors only being sold in spray cans. Now you can but colored gels and pastes such as Poser Paste which was created by the lead singer of the band Paramore. (Picture: Haley Williams with Poser Paint in hair)The gels are great because they allow you to be precise in where you apply the color which allows for ombre tips, coon tails, and other hair art to happen.

Hair Glitter: hair glitter, specifically glitter roots, is a trend that has become extremely popular at festivals in the past few years. So popular that hair glitter is now sold at many stores such as Target, but the problem is that the hair glitter sold there is kind of pricey and maybe not as many colors as you’d like, so what do you do about that? You can actually make hair glitter at home in two ways depending on what style you’re going for. For glitter roots, simply but whatever glitter you choose, any shape, size, or colors, and mix it with a few large drops of gel. The amount of glitter added to the gel can differ depending on how much you want. This also helps keep your roots and baby hairs down. Another way you can make it at home is by buying a small cheap spray bottle and glitter that is tiny enough so that it can go through the spray nozzle. Mix the glitter into the bottle with water and some leave in conditioner or hair oil to make it stick and TADA! You just got a whole thing of hair glitter, and supplies to make more, for at least half the price it would take to buy it at a store. And the best part is you can personalize it however you want.

I hope that this helps you get some ideas on how you plan to get your hair festival ready. To those of you who are going to any festivals, parties, or really any event this summer: be safe, have fun, and I hope you are as happy during your time there as you deserve to be every day!