Acknowledging Your Accomplishments

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a complete hypocrite for writing this blog, people who truly know me will agree. I have this thing where no matter what I accomplish, I look at what I did wrong or what I didn’t do rather than what I did do and what I did right. Not being able to realize that you have accomplished something is tiring because it makes you think that you always need to keep pushing and doing better. This can be a good form of motivation but after it continues for days, weeks, months, years it just turns in a mental drainage. It’s so tiring. It’s an issue that I personally have been struggling to fight through and I’m hoping that maybe by trying to convince others that I can convince myself to acknowledge my accomplishments too.

They Don’t Have To Be Big!

This is a topic that I constantly forget, my accomplishments don’t need to be major to be considered an accomplishment… and neither do yours. Little accomplishments like being in a groove at work, deep cleaning your room, or finishing that thing you needed to get done this week all count. I know everyone always says that the little things will add up, and it never seems like they do, but they actually do. One small accomplishment can start a snowball effect of accomplishments but we don’t always realize that.

Obligation Can Equal Accomplishment

Another reason why we might not realize our accomplishments is because we were obligated to do them. Throughout high school and college I had a high GPA, I got multiple scholarships, and even got on the dean’s list but I never saw any of these as accomplishments because in my head, it was what I was supposed to do anyways. This type of thinking gets worse when you finally do recognize that you accomplished something and someone shoots you down rather than celebrating with you. Have you ever been excited to tell someone something like ‘I got a new job’ and they replied with something like ‘about time’ rather than praising you? This type of negativity is so bad for you, and you shouldn’t let it get to you; especially if you have been going through anything that might have made it harder for you to accomplish this. This is super common with things like school and jobs but just because it is ‘the standard thing to do’ doesn’t mean you didn’t do great in getting it done!

There is so much more to this discussion than I could ever remember to write, this just scrapes the surface. It is crazy how much feeling good about yourself and feeling confident that you are doing good things for your future can make you happy. That feeling of wasting time and like you’re doing all this work and getting nowhere is such a heavy weight on your shoulders. It’s a weight that’s just not worth carrying around. What is the point of life if it isn’t to just enjoy and love yourself? Hating on yourself and feeling guilty because you’re not making as much progress as that person over there is backwards thinking. It’s not about them and their life, it’s about you and yours. No matter how easy or difficult the challenge, you should feel proud for overcoming it. With that, be kind to those who are excited about accomplishing something that seems small and easy to you. You never know what they did to get where they are. If you start the positivity by praising the accomplishments of others, they will reciprocate. But most importantly, you’ll learn how to pass that praise onto yourself.

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